I have an obsession with constructing quality quilts that stand the test of time. I’m always searching for new inspiration that will help me create my next work of art. As new quilts are made and become available for sale, they will appear in the Digital Sphinx store right here. I’ll also walk you through the learning process that was the muse behind the designs. That means with every quilt, you’ll not only get a beautiful gift but you also get to know the rich history that inspired it’s creation.

If you love my work as is, great! Just purchase it and I’ll ship it out to you right away. But if you want changes to make it more your style, shoot me an email at support@digitalsphinxdesigns.com so we can talk about creating a custom piece of artwork that fits you and your home.

For those daring and creative folks who have ideas burning in your head or heart, the final option is building a quilt from the ground up. Send at email to support@digitalsphinxdesigns.com and we’ll set up a time to talk about how we can make your dream design into a reality. Pricing on custom quilts varies based on details of your design.

Maybe you’ve created your own quilt, but you don’t want the hassle of quilting on your domestic machine.  I also offer quilting services, so you get complete your project and give it as a gift or for your own personal enjoyment. If you’re at this point in your quilting journey,  shoot me an email at support@digitalsphinxdesigns.com for a quote to get your quilt top finished and out the door.