Meet Sharmie

Growing up, the quilter in my family was my grandmother. Big Mama. And she made quilts for everyone out of whatever she could get her hands on. Old hand-me-down clothes. Old curtains. Towels. Blankets. She tacked them together by hand.

They were infinitely beautiful in the way that things made with love are always beautiful.

Although I never had the chance to sit down and learn to quilt at her feet, the art she introduced me to inspired my start and encouraged me to take my first quilting class years back.

At the time, I was still in the US Army and I was stationed in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. I found a four-week class that started everything.

For me, quilting is therapy.

The act of taking the time to pour myself into creating something and presenting it to someone else who will appreciate it — the act of creating something out of nothing, just like Big Mama did — it calms me.

I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to turn my art into a business.

Now I, with the help of my domestic and long-arm quilting machine, make and sell pre-made quilts both for fine art display and everyday use. Much of my work showcases my love and appreciation for the immeasurable ways the cultures in African-American life influence the art world.

I also offer customization services where I provide simple changes to pre-made pieces or build personally significant pieces from the ground up for clients who want heirlooms that will survive and tell the stories of their families for generations.

I’m a storyteller using art to imitate life.