When I originally set out to write this post, I wanted to talk about the technicalities of fiber art. How it is a widely used medium, but not often discussed in detail, if at all, in most art “bibles.”

I was going to talk about how fiber art is more than spinning thread to make yarn. How fiber art is more than a secondary medium to use in a mixed media project. How fiber art is more than designing inspired new clothing lines for prestigious runways or everyday wear.

It’s about creating something so inspirational you have to have it as part of your life. Fiber art is really about telling a story.

So I’m going to tell you a story.

I am an artist. But I’m also a runner. With my run buddies, I take part in races and we’re always trying to reach bigger and better goals. My big one right now is to run a half marathon on every continent; for my run boos, to run a half marathon in every state. But we also support various causes (arthritis, cancer, Fisher House) and chase the bling (Rock & Roll Heavy medals). This past September, I had the opportunity to take part in one of my most challenging adventures to date.

I ran Ragnar DC — a 200-mile relay race.

It was two days and one night in two vans with 11 of my closest friends and support from our families.

Each of us had to run three legs that varied in distances and intensity. Some legs were easy while other legs were very difficult, even for experienced runners. Every one hits a serious incline (think running up Mt. Rainer) and everyone runs in the dark.

I love doing relays with my #FitFam and this was my most challenging one to date. I mean…who needs sleep💤 when you can get by on protein, salt tablets, some carbs, and tons of fluids. Showers? Nada. Adult baby wipes never felt so good. I was Runner 12. In all, I ran close to 30 miles. As I knocked down each mile, I was exhausted, sore, and overheated. I had to keep my mental game in check to make sure I stayed hydrated and functional. All runners along the course supported each other with encouraging words, head nods, and the occasional high five.

Many of us joined this team as strangers. But we made sure to meet each other, run together, bike together, and eat together in the months leading up to the race. Our team name was Sole Sister’s Keeper and we established the bonds of sisterhood before the race even began. By the time it was over, we cemented those bonds for life.

I shared the journey with 11 awesome Sole(Soul) Sisters and a hubby (😍😘) who put up with our shenanigans. We made sure to capture every moment along the way, taking pictures along the course, at exchanges, while folks were supposed to sleep, in the middle of the night at IHOP, at the finish line.

You can’t fake an experience like this. Only live it, share it, and love it.

I was the team captain. When the grueling run was finally over, I told my team:

Words can’t even express the gratitude and love I have for my sisters, friends, fellow Ragnarians…..

We did the damn thang!!
Full of shenanigans…
Oh the shade…
Support system on point (Ike, Lawrence, Kenya, Rob)…
The pain – #JesusTakeTheHill…
The relief – #OneMoreMile…
The Joy – #WeAreFamily…
The Success….We are Ragnarians
I am my Sister’s Keeper  and you are mine
Sole Sister’s Keeper – I could’ve done it without you.  Love you!!❤️😍😘

#Blaze ❤️🏃❤️

This was our story.

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#epic #slay #adventure
#RunPretty #StayGlossy
#WhoGonCheckUsBoo #TeamNoStress

To commemorate our experience, I gave my sisters a parting gift. (Blog featured pic)

It is a quilted mug rug with the Ragnar emblem, the race name, team name, our core hashtags (#epic #slay #adventure) and individualized with our chosen run name. Mine was Blaze. It may seem simple. But it is a reflection of our collective experience that we will always cherish — the road trip, the sleepless nights, the back of the van baths, the staggering inclines and the shared love of accepting, facing, and beating the challenge.

This is what fiber art is all about. It’s about touching a place so deep in your soul that you will want the artwork spread out in every essence of your environment: your home, your job, your community.

Let me capture and tell the story of your life.

What is an awesome story you would want turned into art?  Let me know in the comments below.