Have you ever just wondered how you can use your creativity to really fulfill your life’s purpose?

Are you really a creative but you have to get a ‘real job’ because maybe you have a family to feed, maybe that’s what your parents strongly encouraged you to do, maybe people questioned how would you make a living off of doing art.

Do you feel you have more to offer your job, your community, YOURSELF, if you could just really live YOUR life’s purpose.

In many cases you are a creative person, but you don’t know how to use that to your advantage.

I want to use my passion for art and quilting to build wealth for my family, live my life’s calling as a creative, and help blossom creativity in my community.

This blog is about the journey of turning my passion for art into sustaining my family, investing in my community and helping others to foster their own creativity to become more in tune with themselves. When I’m in touch with my creative self, it helps me to open up, explore and experience different perspectives that allow me to deal with challenges and foster new ideas. I want to use my journey to aid your journey by using art as a way of motivation.

Join me to foster your inner creative.